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Allow customers to print after payment.


I'm trying to set up a small website devoted to selling one piece of artwork on a pay-to-print basis. My developer and I are trying to figure out how to let people print only after payment is approved. Is there a way to configure the Submit button on the payment page so that, if all information is valid, it triggers another action like a print command? We are planning on using SIM. I thought of adding a link to the Receipt page that would take them to a Print page, but they could just bookmark that or copy the URL and bypass payment next time. I would like to do this without forcing people to create an account or register, and without using CIM. Thanks.



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Re: Allow customers to print after payment.

You can probably do that with relay response.

Not sure how are you going to block people from bookmarking the URL or even the image.

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Re: Allow customers to print after payment.

The artwork can be fed through a script that verifies if the user has access (user account login with tracking cookie, probably) before returning the file. Then it's just a matter of having your relay response page mark that user as having access to that file, so they can download it after payment.


I'm currently finishing a custom cart with integrated downloads for one client with integrated downloads - I just generate a guid for the purchase record, pass the record ID in the invoice number field, then have the relay response page generate download links associated with both the purchase and the download, and forward to the receipt page with the guid appended to the URL. The download links each have a guid as well, so the receipt page can access the purchase via the purchase guid (impossible to crack with a sufficiently-long guid), then display a list of download links with the guid's for the downloads. The download page then checks those guids to see if they exist, and if they do, serves the file and decrements the attempts counter by 1 (if the download record is past its expiration date or has no attempts left, it also cuts the user off).


FYI, once the user has access, they can take the download link and share it with their buddies - can't prevent that - but as long as you limit the download attempts to like 10, they at least can't suck up much bandwidth doing it before they get cut off. What they do wth the file after that, of course, is outside your control. If it's a popular game, it'll probably be on the warez sites within 24 hours. If it's just custom artwork, then you don't have to worry about theft so much.