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Android SDK Issue

Am using sdk for Android in my application, The script is running perfectly and I successfully made payment transaction in Production test mode, everything is fine with the SDK and my Code also executing as expected.
When I upload my Application in google playstore, it says you Application not supporting any of the Android devices (Supporting ZERO devices) due to Native JAR files used inside SDK-mpos-android.jar, Then When I removed SDK from my project and commented all the codes related to SDK, and again tried uploading to playstore it's accepting my application, This is what the problem, I shall share the screen shots for better understanding. without SDK my application supporting all the existing android devices, but with sdk my application not supporting any of the android devices.

We are using the most recent SDK from the given URL, and the problem still exist, the reason is SDK, since it's using jar files from Native(NDK) platform which android SDK doesn't support. That's the reason my Application not supported by most of the android devices when I integrate SDK. There is not problem on the script it's running well, no error messages too, actual problem is not supporting any if the android devices if integrated in my application, I can't even able to install my application since it's having few Native platform file which I have mentioned here,


Google says above Native files are included in One of the SDK's used in your application, because of that Apk cannot be installed in any of the Android devices since those files are from NDK which Android SDK doesn't support, When I checked my Project libs folder SDK having the above mentioned Native jar files, when Excluded SDK from my Application google play developer console says now your devcie supporting 7000 + devices. This is the actual problem now,
. Please do the needful, Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Android SDK Issue

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Hello @Mani

I've reported your issue to the product team for analysis.  You may also wish to report the issue on GitHub.

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