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Android Integration....

Is the only way to intergrate on an Android device is to let them fill out a form, then manullay approve the device on's website, then ask them to complete the payment process?

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Re: Android Integration....

I assume that you are referring to our Android SDK.  Our Android and iOS SDKs provide support for using your mobile device as a virtual terminal.  For security reasons, it is not recommended to store API credentials on your mobile device.  In order to avoid this, we developed the functionality that allows you to log into a temporary session using your personal account credentials.  This is the only recommended way of authenticating yourself on a mobile device.

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Re: Android Integration....

Please tell me how to get paymet form my customer using through CIM process in my Android application.

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Re: Android Integration....

Hi rrss_1005,


You can use our Android SDK found here, which supports CIM.





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