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Android Integration



  I'm building an Android App that enables user to pay the Total Due to the Merchant. I stumbled upon your Gateway and was trying to figure out which of the API to use. Since I have an upcoming meeting with the client, I would like to have a checkout procedure in place in my Application.The checkout is last closing link and hence a simple one would do. Once I get the nod from my client I could then proceed with sohisticated API's.


My questions are:


1) Which of the API to use?

2) Any document/ Tutorial that I could Refer?

3) I tried Integrating with the sample code. The errors ran in to 100's and really weired ones.


Looking forward to hear from the Experts. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Android Integration

Android is currently supported for AIM, CIM, and ARB (according to the description), and of those, AIM is going to be easiest to implement for single payments. Can't help you beyond that, I don't personally develop for Android.