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Android POS

I'm trying to design a POS on an Android Tablet, in an environement consisting


1) Card Swiper ( Connected to the Tablet)

2) Webserver ( For Interacting with Autorize.Net)


Scenario: Both the Merchant and the customer are at the same premises.


  • The merchant enters the amount due to the POS.
  • The user swipes his card, POS communicates the details to the webserver.
  • The webserver Interacts with the  to make the payment.
  • The webserver, acknowledges the result of the Transaction to the POS.
  • The receipt printed by the POS.


My question is:

1) Which SDK to be used on client side (Android Develoepment)?

2) Which SDK to be used for Webserver developement?


Note: I'm new to and Payment gateway.. 


Thank you in Advance.

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Re: Android POS

1) is the Android SDK. HOWEVER, this is an SDK for connecting directly to from your POS, which from a security standpoint, is a better idea if you can manage it. You do have to register each device in your account before you can use it, but in a POS situation this isn't a problem because you have a finite number of devices (maybe even just one). If you're going this route, you'd connect to your web server only to store the person's order information and the transaction ID and result status, not to transmit their credit card info so the web server can process the transaction.


2) Whichever language you know the best. For me, that would be PHP, which is also the simplest to integrate and best supported here. Take your pick: Note that if you're processing transactions from your Android device, you don't really need an SDK installed on your web server at all unless you want to use the Transaction Details API to look up transactions from their ID's: