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Anyone using

I remember it being popular 15 or so years ago. Do people still use that as their payment gateway now? Would you recomment not recommend it for a new site (clothing) on a custom back end?

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Re: Anyone using

I would strongly warn against ordering from any of these unless you reside in the United Kingdom ( Even if they have nice things, sending something back if you don't like it or it doesn't work is a pain. After having a brand new lil peep 3D graphic hoodie returned to me twice when trying to get it back to london on the Thames, I had no choice but to sell it on ebay. That is, whatever that is. It was also about $80 for shipping. It isn't worth it.

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Re: Anyone using is pretty much the one of the big guys for online payment processing. Some of the other ones are Braintree, paypal website payments pro, trust commerce. After I see braintree come up a lot.