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Authentication Failed

I have been using Zencart with for about a year then all of a sudden in Dec it stopped working, I have contacted and they say everything is fine on their end, I have comtacted the host, same answer, and of course ZenCart has no live support.  


When ever anyone tries to place and order they get an "Authentication Failed " error, I have tried live and test CC #s and always get the same thing.


the logs give me a link to a page with this.


3,0,122,Invalid Username,,P,0,,,0.00,,auth_capture,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,74226934A4964DBAE32EC24879CDA8E3


Which says Invalid Username right in it but says its no on their end.  I am completely lost at this point and ready to switch to a different provider, if you can help me please do.



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Re: Authentication Failed

The Response Reason Code Tool, as well as the documentation PDF's, say this for 122:

The system-generated void for the original errored transaction failed. (The original transaction experienced a processing error.)


Have no idea why you're getting an Invalid Username error. And we sadly have no way to diagnose the problem from this end. Have you tried doing a fresh install of Zen Cart and the SDK (If that's required)?