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AuthorizationRequest Merchant Email

I'm using the .net SDK, using the AuthorizationRequest to send in transactions.  How do I add an additional merchant email address, can't seem to find that property.


var request = new AuthorizationRequest(model.CreditCardNumber, model.CreditCardExpirationMonth + model.CreditCardExpirationYear, totalCharged,
string.Format("Cart GUID: {0} - website transaction", cartGuid), true)
City = model.CartViewModel.BillToCity,
Company = model.CartViewModel.BillToCompany,
Country = model.CartViewModel.BillToCountry,
FirstName = model.CartViewModel.BillToFirstName,
LastName = model.CartViewModel.BillToLastName,
Phone = model.CartViewModel.BillToPhone,
Address = model.CartViewModel.BillToAddress1,
State = model.CartViewModel.BillToState,
Zip = model.CartViewModel.BillToZip,
CardCode = model.CreditCardCCV

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Re: AuthorizationRequest Merchant Email

The merchant email address is set on the merchant account. Not sure if you can set more than one or not, might need to send your own email if not.

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Re: AuthorizationRequest Merchant Email

Doing it the old way, of using new System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection I would have done it like so:


inputObject.Add("x_merchant_email", SalesRepEmail);