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Authorize.Net Reports online

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Is there a difference between the reporting app for a sandbox and for a live account? Can I pass some more information per transaction that would help me create a report filtered by the new information I pass? 


I want to consolidate 3 banks into one, but i still need to run reports on the transactions that would have been separated into different bank accounts.

All books sold will go to bank1, all cds will got to bank2, all videos will go to bank 3.


Can i pass a custom field along with an invoice to each api call? How would I pass that information?

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Re: Authorize.Net Reports online

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Hello @mts176


Our sandbox and production systems are virtually identical.  When you mention the reporting app, are you referring to our reporting APIs or running reports from within the merchant interface?


We do allow for user-defined fields, but the values passed are not stored as part of the transaction, instead they are only reflected back in the transaction response.



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Re: Authorize.Net Reports online

I was looking at what i guess is the merchant interface. (  -> Reports Tab).


Would there be anyway i could differentiate transactions for different accounts?  Something i could pass through and display some way shape or form?


Thank you


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Re: Authorize.Net Reports online


Do you have three ANET merchant accounts for your three businesses?

Please feel free to let us know if you need any other data.


You can pass the


1. Invoice description as below. which passing transaction.

For the full request - see here -



<description>Product Description</description>

2. If you are using customerProfile feature, you can pass in the standarad description for the targeted customers for your each line of business. 


<description>Profile description here</description>