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Authorize and capture transactions

Hi guys,


Does anybody know if Authorize.Net can authorize for a certain amount and then settle the same transaction with 2 different captures?





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Re: Authorize and capture transactions

I have this same question... but only slightly different...


I am using []

We are on Windows.


Let's say a user places an order $100...

It gets PreAuth'ed

We capture $75 now... and we want to ReAuth the remaining $25 (for capture at a later date).


Is this possible with the service I listed above?

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Re: Authorize and capture transactions

While you can pay for the same transaction in parts using two different methods, I don't believe you can charge the transaction in two different parts. You'll need to either store the credit card info locally (which will greatly increase your security requirements) or use CIM to set up a customer profile so you can charge the second part later without having the customer re-enter their credit card info.