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We have integrated for the payment gateway. We have enabled CIM in We are into a renting linen business and we want to do Authorize only transaction. We want to store the credit card through the CIM and charge the card at a later time. We need to do an integration of CIM, so if we need to charge a credit card after 3 months, we should be able to charge it. Currently the transaction expires in 1 month and we have to go to and do a manual transaction after logging into Instead we need to be able to login to the backend of Magento and process and run the transaction even after 2 months or 6 months and still be able to charge the card through the CIM.

How can we implement solution for it?

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Re: CIM integration for Magento 2 to capture the fund in later date



I'm not entirely sure why you need to connect to Magento for this.


But a possible solution for what you need is:


  1. Create an AuthorizeOnly transaction.
  2. Use the CreateCustomerProfileFromTransaction API to store the payment details as part of a CustomerProfile. You should get a CustomerProfileID and a CustomerPaymentProfileID from this API as a response.
  3. Later, when you are ready to do the transaction, use the CustomerProfileID and the CustomerPaymentProfileID without the need to re-enter the payment details.

A point to note here is that, if the original AuthorizeOnly transaction is still active, you can still capture the payment for that, without the need to create a new Authorization.