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I have read over the update emails a few times and I can't seem to find the corresponding info on my godaddy host site. I do not see a way to edit the transaction processing URL's and the certificate names don't exactly match up. The only thing I can find that matches up in any way is the use of SHA-2 security level. I'm not a programmer or a code expert so this is way over my head. Basically, I can't tell if I need to update anything or how to do so? Any nudge in the general direction of help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Updates within Godaddy host site

Hello @bumblesoaps1


The end point urls are typically controlled by your shopping cart or payment module.  If we know what you are using, we can provide some additional suggestions.



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Re: Updates within Godaddy host site

Hi Richard, 

Thanks for the reply. The only two sites I visit to interact with any credit card payments are my host site (godaddy quick shopping cart) and my gateway. And then my bank when the funds are deposited. I have checked all the settings I can find for endpoint URL's and I don't see any to either verify or update. In quick shopping cart I am able to edit/update my gateway configuration details like login ID and transaction key, but there are not any addtional edits available beyond that.


Godaddy has a list of certs here ( and they don't seem to match up to any names as described on the blogpost linked in the email I received last week (link here:


To be honest, I'm just not clear if I need to do anything at all with these emails about changes and updates and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to contact Godaddy, or both.