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Hello everyone

i am a bit confused to how I can intergrate my payment gateway to my website.

i am currently using a free form builder such as JOTforms to intregrate my payment gateway,

however it is only limited to 10 submissions a month unless i pay for a subscription.


i am new to all of this, and was wondering if there was a way i can have payment gateway set up

without using 3rd party form builders, such as getting a html coding and sticking it on to my website.


i wouldn't need a shopping cart as there is nothing to purchase. i am looking for something rather like a 'donation' form but it is not a donation since they are paying for a service ( rentals )


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Re: payment gateway intregation with own website


It doesn't look like anyone has responded yet, but someone still may have feedback on what you're looking for. I'd recommend subscribing to this topic so that you'll be alerted via email if anyone else from the community is able to respond with any comments. To subscribe, click Topic Options at the top of this thread and then select Subscribe. You'll then receive an email once anyone replies to your post.