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We are using CIM API via webservice located at
After consuming this service we are making transactions of type AuthCapture using following code

ProfileTransAuthCaptureType authCapture = new ProfileTransAuthCaptureType();
authCapture.customerProfileId = long.Parse(customerProfileID);
authCapture.customerPaymentProfileId = long.Parse(customerPaymentProfileID);
authCapture.amount = amount;

authCapture.order = new OrderExType();
authCapture.order.invoiceNumber = invoiceNo;
authCapture.order.description = description;

authCapture.recurringBilling = isRecurring;
authCapture.recurringBillingSpecified = isRecurring;

ProfileTransactionType transaction = new ProfileTransactionType();
transaction.Item = authCapture;

string extraOptions = "x_duplicate_window=1";
CreateCustomerProfileTransactionResponseType response = AuthorizeNetWSHelper.ServiceCaller.CreateCustomerProfileTransaction(AuthorizeNetWSHelper.MerchantAuthentication, transaction, extraOptions);
if (response.resultCode == MessageTypeEnum.Ok)
TransactionVariables tvs = TransactionVariables.Parse(response.directResponse);
transactionID = tvs.TransactionID.ToString();
return true;
else if (response != null)
internalError = "directResponse : " + response.directResponse;

string outErr;
error = FormatError(response.messages, out outErr);

if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(outErr))
internalError += "<br/>Error Message(s) : " + outErr;

internalError += "<br/><br/>Copy the 3rd item in <b>directResponse</b> comma seperated string and see this Error Detail <a target='_blank' href=' >here </a>";
error = _customError;
catch (Exception e)
error = _customError;
internalError = "System Exception : " + e.Message + "<br/>Source : " + e.Source;

What I wanted to know if the webservice is responding in synchronous manner or operations respond in asynchronously ??

We have 30 days subscriptions everyday our code is collecting all the subscriptions close to expire and make recurring transactions to When we get response from we update our database. Sometimes we don't get response in real time and next day in our authorize panel we see previous transactions with settled status.

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Re: web service for CIM Integration respond asynchronously?

What do you mean by "don't get response in real time"? Does your script die before it completes a transaction? Does it fail one transaction and then give failures for all the ones after that? Are you catching the response via Silent Post? Please explain.

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Re: web service for CIM Integration respond asynchronously?

I am trying to do this from a web page.

Does anybody have any working examples of executing webservice calls in native Javascript or Jquery?

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Re: web service for CIM Integration respond asynchronously?

You can google jquery and webservice, but again, you can NOT pass the transactionKey to a client/customer browser, in script or form, or in anyway.