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Authroize.Net take too long to acknowledge.



We have a .net mvc application and have the latest sdk (v 1.9.6) installed.  And have the following api end point integrated



We recently start getting complaints from our customer where the payment went through successfully but they stuck on payment form. And the reason we found out after the request initiate to, customer get's charged immediately but sometime it takes very long to acknowledge back and as result customer's get frustrated and feel like it hangs and they close there session.


Even though we set the following timeout parameters in web.config to 20 sec but looks it does not respect those. And it keeps waiting for acknowledgement.


<add key="http.connectionTimeout" value="20000"/>
<add key="http.readWriteTimeout" value="20000"/>



We haven't made any code changes on our side  for a long but that start happening recently. Any help would be highly appreciated.





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Re: Authroize.Net take too long to acknowledge.

Hi @ammarkhan91,


Please share if you are still observing this issue and are there any specific browsers in which this issue is reported from your customers.