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Automated email responses to successful orders

I am new to Practice Pay Solutions. My wife's business is primarily as a management consultant for dental practices. We will be selling products from her website. Many of these will be in electronic form, for instance: Dental Practice Personnel Manuals, E-books concerning Dental Management, etc).


Is there a way to configure an order form so that when a customer completes checkout and orders a product, instead of us having to manually email the product to the buyer, the product would instead be automatically emailed to the buyer?


I have excellent knowledge/experience with html/css (I am her web developer as well as my own separate business) and have a rudimentary knowledge of javascript/jquery and php and am just beginning to delve into mysql ...


If this sort of application is too complex for someone of my experience to delve into please advise .. if it's doable and not out of the scope of my experience I would love to see some examples/advice.


Thanks in advance for any help!!



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Re: Automated email responses to successful orders

Hello ptday64

It doesn't look like anyone has responded yet, but someone still may have feedback on what you're looking for. 


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Re: Automated email responses to successful orders

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I am assuming you are using with Practice Pay Solutions, which is a merchant provider. To answer your question, you can definitely use relay response with SIM or DPM. Something like:



$redirect_url = "";
    // Where the user will end up.
$api_login_id = 'YOUR_API_LOGIN_ID';
$md5_setting = '';
    // Your MD5 Setting

$response = new AuthorizeNetSIM($api_login_id, $md5_setting);

if ($response->isAuthorizeNet()) {
    if ($response->approved) {

           Update your order record

           Reference $response->invoice_num, which is the
           record ID in your system that you hopefully
           remembered to pass.

           Send email with product to the email in the order

        $redirect_url .= '?response_code=1&transaction_id=' . $response->transaction_id;
    else {
        $redirect_url .= '?response_code='.$response->response_code .
'&response_reason_text=' . $response->response_reason_text;
    echo AuthorizeNetDPM::getRelayResponseSnippet($redirect_url);
else echo 'Error. Check your MD5 Setting.';

EDIT: This is from the PHP code section in the DPM documentation.

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Re: Automated email responses to successful orders

Thanks so much guys!!


I am going back and forth between using a 3rd party shopping cart or coding this thing myself. My PHP experience is just slightly above a novice. Very basic, but I am a very quick learner.


I'm going to delve further into your idea, TJPride.


Thanks again!!



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Re: Automated email responses to successful orders

Hello Everyone!!
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