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Best way to check if account is valid or not?


I'm working on a multi-tenant application ( using C#) which will be used by multiple clients to sale their product. I'm intergrating AIM in my system. Assuming all will be having account they will configure their account information (login id, transaciton key, md5 hash key etc.) in my system and they need a option to test the connection quikcly. What is the best way to validate the account information?


Thanks for assisting me on it.



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Re: Best way to check if account is valid or not?

The best way to verify that you have the correct account credentials is to run a test mode transaction.  You can run a test mode transaction even when the account itself is live by passing the x_test_request parameter as true.  This will not test whether or not the merchant has properly set up their merchant account, but the only way to test that would be to run a real transaction.