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Beyond Quickstart implementing for C# .NET MVC application AIM

I am trying to figure out how to move beyond the simple 15 minute setups to more advanced AIM using a MVC C# .net web application. The natural step seems to be the API documentation.


It seems all the API documentation is for XML/SOAP, however, if I understand correctly, I can make all the calls from my controller using the C# SDK and I do not need to format/submit directly in XML/SOAP. Is there any helpful documentation/resources/examples specifically tailored to implementing the C# SDK, as I am having trouble translating the XML/SOAP examples.

Alternatively could you provide an example of an XML API call translated to just using the C# sdk, like say charge a credit card / createTransactionRequest ? I assume there is a more robust way (say to include the name/address/other information on the credit card) to do this then the 15 minute example of:


var request = new AuthorizationRequest("4111111111111111", "1216", 10.00M, "Test Transaction",);
var gate = new Gateway( "xyz", "xyz" );
var response = gate.Send(request);

I noticed I could create a new Transaction() and then initialize/assign many values, but how would I then submit this transaction?

Thanks in advance, I realize this is quite the begginer question.

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Re: Beyond Quickstart implementing for C# .NET MVC application AIM

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