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Business in Japan: or cybersource ? (Cybersouce php support?)

I am testing php api. However besides US and Europe, I am also thinking about the solution for business to accept payment in Japan and other Asian countries. It looks like to me does not support Japan and Asian companies, but Cybersource does.  I went to Cybersource's website and download its php api codes which was older and did not match my new php 5.3.* version in those *.dll files due to they are compiled in different module APIs. 


I remember that someone here said that he is also in charge of Cybersouce API.  I cannot find Cybersource developer forum, therefore I post question here. Is there a more user friendly php API from Cybersource that I can get ? Or (would be better) is there any compatible php api from Cybersource that I can use ?  





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Re: Business in Japan: or cybersource ? (Cybersouce php support?)

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Hello @hsujj 


The Authorize.Net and CyberSource APIs are separate and do not interoperate with each other.


For more details about CyberSource APIs and their partner program, please visit