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C# CaptureRequest invoice number not getting set.

I'm working on a C# integration using both CIM and AuthorizeCapture methods, and currently the CIM populates an invoice number properly where as the AuthorizeCapture is not. Here is the way I have been attempting to use AuthorizeCapture, that works, but does not show the Invoice Number in transaction history.


      IGatewayRequest request = new CaptureRequest( authCode, cardNumber, monthFormatted + cardYearFormatted, amount );
      request.InvoiceNum = createTransaction.Id.ToString(); 
      if( cardCode != null && cardCode != "" ) {
        request.AddCardCode( cardCode );
      IGatewayResponse actual = target.Send( request );

I was thinking of trying instead:


 request.AddInvoice( createTransaction.Id.ToString() );

I figured I would post the issue here in case some users have experience in this area.


Thank you,

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Re: C# CaptureRequest invoice number not getting set.


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