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Re: C# add settingType to transactionRequest

@MetraKay wrote:

We are trying to implement the new API in order to handle level II processing.


I need to pass the duplicateWindow parameter to my transaction.  I can't seem to hold my mouth right to pass dup to the transactionRequest.  Could some one please tell me how to add the setting to my transaction?



here is my setting:

var dup = new settingType



settingName = "duplicateWindow",

settingValue = "28800"



here is something else I'm passing to my transaction:

var shippingAddress = new customerAddressType


firstName = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "ContactFirstName").ToString(),

lastName = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "ContactLastName").ToString(),

address = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "ShipAddress1").ToString(),

city = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "ShipCity").ToString(),

state = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "ShipStateOrProvince").ToString(),

zip = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "ShipPostalCode").ToString(),

country = "USA"




I have

var transactionRequest = new transactionRequestType



transactionType = transactionTypeEnum.authCaptureTransaction.ToString(),

amount = rTotalOrder,

payment = paymentType,

order = order,




customer = new customerDataType



id = GridCheckout.GetRowValues(0, "CustomerID").ToString(),




billTo = billingAddress,

shipTo = shippingAddress,

taxExempt = false,


transactionSettings = dup //<<<<<<----- how do I pass dup to this transaction?



Also looking for a solution. Tried myself but failed.