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CIM Auth+Capture approved with invalid card code

I'm having a problem using the C# SDK and the CIM. I'm able to create a customer record, add a card with an invalid security code and then perform an auth+capture and get an approved back. I've configured our Authorize account so it should send back a decline if the security code does not match what's on the card.


Under account setttings -> Card Code Verification (CCV) Settings I have checked:

- Does NOT Match (N)

- Is NOT Processed (P)


Has anyone run into this before? Here's an example I've used to replicate the problem. With a valid cc number but invalid card code this still gives me an approved and shows up in unsettled transactions.


ICustomerGateway gateway = new CustomerGateway("[API ID]", "[API Key]", ServiceMode.Live);
Customer customer = gateway.CreateCustomer("[email address]", "123456");
string paymentProfileId = gateway.AddCreditCard(customer.ProfileID, "[Valid Credit Card Number]", 1, 2015, "123");
IGatewayResponse response = gateway.AuthorizeAndCapture(customer.ProfileID, paymentProfileId, 2.00m);


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Re: CIM Auth+Capture approved with invalid card code

The CCV only used on the addcreditcard process, it is not save on the Is the validationmode set to on?

look like you might need to change the SDKs addcreditcard to turn it on.

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Re: CIM Auth+Capture approved with invalid card code

Just a friendly reminder that if you set the validationMode parameter to liveMode, standard gateway and merchant account fees may apply to the authorization transactions.