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CIM - Bank Refund & Validation Mode

I want to confirm following for Bank Transactions using CIM


1) Can I perform a refund for Bank transaction using CIM ?


2) Can I user ValidationMode parameter for Bank Account validation as well, I know it works for Credit Card

As per CIM Documentation, below is description of ValidationMode

The validationMode Parameter

The validationMode parameter enables you to generate a test transaction at the time you
create or update a customer profile. The functions CreateCustomerProfile,
CreateCustomerPaymentProfile, UpdateCustomerPaymentProfile, and
ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile all include a validationMode parameter, which can have
one of the following values:
LiveMode—This value is the default setting.
liveMode generates a transaction to the processor in the amount of $0.01 or $0.00. If
successful, the transaction is immediately voided. Visa authorization transactions are
changing from $0.01 to $0.00 for all processors. All other credit card types use $0.01.
Standard gateway and merchant account fees may apply to the authorization
For Visa transactions using $0.00, the billTo address and billTo zip fields are required.
TestMode—Performs field validation only. All fields are validated. However, fields with
unrestricted field definitions (such as telephone number) do not generate errors.
If you select testMode, a $1.00 test transaction is submitted using the Luhn MOD 10
algorithm to verify that the credit card number is in a valid format. This test transaction
does not appear on the customer's credit card statement, but it will generate and send
a transaction receipt email to the merchant.
Parameters required for individual API calls are in addition to the authentication
parameters required for all API calls.
For .NET programmers: When a parameter is optional, and if you use
serialization, then the .NET language you are using automatically creates
Boolean properties that indicate whether or not non-nullable parameters are
specified. For example, if there is a parameter named validationMode that is an
Enumeration type, a parameter called validationModeSpecified is
automatically created. By default, these properties are set to false. If a request
passes a value for an optional parameter, be sure to set these properties to true
so that the value is not ignored.
Customer Information Manager Guide | July 2013 16
Chapter 2 Executing an API Call
None—When this value is submitted, no additional validation is performed.
When you call the CreateCustomerProfile function, you must use a value of none if the
request does not include any payment profile information.
When you call the ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile function, you must use either
testMode or liveMode.
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Re: CIM - Bank Refund & Validation Mode

A lot of banks block micro transactions, so I would guess that validationMode, even if you can set it, should be left turned off for bank accounts. Yes, you can refund bank transactions, take a look at the possible parameters for a refund in the CIM documentation.