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CIM Integration in Android App (Native... not browser)

I have written a fully functional CIM app, Java-based, in a web servlet app.  So I have a pretty good feel for the CIM APIs.  Now, I need to migrate the CIM function to a native (non-browser-based) Android app.  I would like the same functionality where collects the cc#, etc. entered by the user, and I never have to see it.  (i.e. avoid any PCI involvement).   But if possible, I'd like to not leave the Android app and then send the user to a browser to enter the info.  Is that just not possible?  In other words, is the only way to do this is to open a browser page with javascript, etc and let put up the javascript popup form, etc?  Are there any tricks to hide the 'plumbing' from the user and make it appear more like a seamless app?





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Re: CIM Integration in Android App (Native... not browser)

Hi @MalcolmEnt1


Yes, you should be able to build a native flow in Android App, you can use the JAVA-SDK directly in your Android App from Gradle, and use the same function exposed by the SDK which you used in the Java based servlet app.