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CIM Java API Card Code not working

I am using the java api and CIM system.  When I attempt to update a users payment profile we want to verify the cc information so we do:



as well as:


CreditCard creditCard = CreditCard.createCreditCard();




among other pertinent information.  The problem is the card code is not being sent in the xml request so is not checking this even though we want it to.  I looked into the java api code and when it builds a updateCustomerPaymentProfile transaction it calls these methods:


addPaymentProfiles(document, null);


None of which add the cardCode to the request xml.  I tried modifying this and adding it myself but I get an E0003 error with the cardCode node being in the wrong spots.  The CIM XML guide says we should be able to pass in the card code.  Anyone know what's going on with this?


Thank you for your help.