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CIM hosted form freezes

I am using the CIM hosted form and it works really well in general.


The problem is many of my users have recently complained about the popup window being called through the iframe, freezing. The window freezes or they are not able to enter any payment info into the window.


Has anyone had simliar problems?

Any advice or help?



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Re: CIM hosted form freezes

Hello Gotters,


We're currently not aware of any reports of this happening.


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Re: CIM hosted form freezes

One problem I was having like this with the new Firefox was a mixed mode error.  The test page I was using wasn't SSL, but the hosted form is so Firefox was blocking content.  If your not using ssl on the site a) you should be, b) your users will have to unblock the data transmission for the SSL content.

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Re: CIM hosted form freezes

My client is getting the same complaint from users.  It works fine for most people, but some are saying that the whole thing freezes and they can't enter anything.


Does anyone else have any experience with this?