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CIM hosted form questions



I have started integrating CIM hosted form. I can successfully add,edit, delete payment profiles.


I have two questions here


1) On popup when i revcieve message 'payment saved successfully.' how my client page would be able to know that information is saved. So i can save in my database as well.

2). After saving payment profile, I need to send GetCustomerPyamentProfile request  to get CustomerPyamentProfileId or is there any other quick way to get it?? 



Zakia Sadaf

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Re: CIM hosted form questions


Hi Zakia,


To answer your questions:

1) Please refer to the CIM implementation guides, the section about iframe Communicator. This communicator is used to receive signals when the profile is saved or the cancel button is pressed.

2) You will need to run a query using the getCustomerProfileRequest to get the payment profile ID. This function will provide you all existing payment profiles and shipping addresses.