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CIM profile creation

i am working to make my site pci compliant. At the moment the cart software uses Aim and saves the cc info in the DB. I have created a script to send the info to Authorize using CMI API. if successful i will save the customerProfileId and the paymentProfileId in the response. My question is to know if the customers will get an email during this migration from Authorize informing them of the creation? I would like to avoid generating uneccessary emails for this process. please advice and point me in the right direction where to post my following questions about CMI. I have read the entire CMI API documentation.

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Re: CIM profile creation

As far as I know, people do not get a notification email when a CIM profile is created. And the documentation only mentions emails for transactions - Authorize, Authorize and Capture, and Refund (I just did a find for the word email and checked every instance to make sure). But if you want to be absolutely sure, just create a profile using your email and see what happens. If you don't get an email, you can be 100% sure emails are not being sent.