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CIM - transaction not recorded and gives null reponse

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I am using AuthorizeNet php sdk in my project. It's working fine.


I am using CIM methoid. createCustomerProfileTransaction (auth and capture)


But 2 days back, one of the customer found issue with CIM based payment on site. When I checked at code level and also at local database level, I found that the payment was not recorded in merchant account, means no record found.

Also at db level, where I collect the response fields and store them in db table rows, I found it as null.


So not processed transaction with null response.


Has someone experienced the similar issue ever or aware of the possible reason behind this?

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Re: CIM - transaction not recorded and gives null reponse


Hi KiranK,


Authorize.Net will always send a response even in an event of an error. If you are seeing null in your response and the transactions are not being processed, not showing in your gateway, this will only indicate that you are not connecting to the gateway successfully. I recommend checking your logs to see if you can determine why you are unable to connect to the Authorize.Net server.