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CIM transaction query


I got following responce from authorize transaction (CIM module)


The transaction was successful.
responseReasonCode = 1
responseReasonText = This transaction has been approved.
approvalCode = some code
transId = some transaction id


1) I got status of "Captured/Pending Settlement " in my authorize account... what that mean.?

2) If i got  "The transaction was successful." should i recharge my client credit ??? or wait for settlement???When should i update my client credit (in my db)??

3)How authorize ensures me that i got the transaction amount.?

4)If my client credit card expires at 12 am and i do a transaction  of that client at 11 pm.I got response from authorize "This transaction has been approved." and going for settlement and i updated my client credit ??? so in this case what whould happen ??? 

Thanks in advance.

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Re: CIM transaction query

1. That means the transaction has been submitted for settlement, but the money hasn't actually been transferred to your account yet. Settlement is done in a batch process, and you should be able to configure its time and frequency in your control panel.


2. If it's successful, it's pretty much guaranteed to complete. You should be safe to recharge your client immediately.


3. I don't understand the question.


4. If the charge was accepted, it should still go through regardless of any changes to the profile.