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Can eCheck use different bank accounts for merchant?

Our business needs two bank accounts for Merchant, we like to withdraw from one bank account to pay users, and depost to another bank account when being paid, is that possible to do so via API? It seems there is only one bank account for merchant.


Another related question is: we want to pay back to users, should we get paid and pay user using the same account? I think when user pay us we add the bank account as "checking", when we pay user, user's bank account must be "savings", is that right?


Ideally, I hope user can share one bank account to pay and get paid. We as merchant want to have two bank accounts binded, one is for getting paid, and another is for pay back. Any suggestion to do this?



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Re: Can eCheck use different bank accounts for merchant?

Hello @yorzi 


Authorize.Net can help you accept eCheck payments, but it does not currently support sending payments from your account.  Instead, I would recommend contacting your financial institution for information on how to send electronic payments.