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Can't use Google Analytics with SIM?

Based on a little testing, it looks like I can't include Javascript in my SIM header or footer. turns all the <script> tags to <noscript> tabs.


If true this means that I can't do conversion tracking in Google Analytics, as there's no way to

record whether the shopper completes the payment process or not.


This seems like a big disadvantage. Am I missing something?

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Re: Can't use Google Analytics with SIM?

If you sue relay response you can put the Google Analytics code on that page. Then you will know if they complete the process or not.

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Re: Can't use Google Analytics with SIM?

As stymiee said, use the relay response page to include your GA JavaScript snippets, and set the goal URL in GA as /gateway/transact.dll if you're using the Server Integration Method (SIM). It works.