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Cannot Get Any Response After Several Try Run

Hi, new to this AuthorizeNet thing. I just registered a SandBox account, try to test the HelloWorld code.


I installed AuthorizeNet.Fork.Aspcore2 to my .NetCore v2.1 project. Then for the first couple of tries, it worked actually, I get receipt emails, can view the unsettled transactions, and they turned into settled later in the SandBox account.


However, this morning when I tried it again (didn't do anything to my code), somehow it prompts me saying the charge was "Suspicious", then I voided the transactions .


After that, regardless how I tried it, it just seems that the transaction won't go through, It ended after "controller.Execute();"


When this line get called:


var response = controller.GetApiResponse();


The "response" is always null. 


Wondering what happened. Is my account get locked? Or is there a limit? Couldn't find anything in the account setting


Any advice/suggestion is appreciated!