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Capture payment on authorized amount in CIM

We have a system that will short orders if we do not have the stock required to fulfill an order, and during that process a back order is made from what is missing from the shorted order.  I have the CIM setup to save the payment profile information and capture the amount for the shorted order and authorize the amount for the backorder.  This all works without any problems.  My issue is when we fulfill the backorder, the captured amount is it's own sepate line item from the authorized line item.  Is there a way to select which transaction to capture payment on?


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Re: Capture payment on authorized amount in CIM

Hi jnewton,

You can try our 'Get Cutomer Profile Transaction List API'( This will require you to pass customer profile id and payment profile id in the request and collect the transactions done with the customer profile. Now, in the transaction list (that you will get as a response), look for the transactions with 'transaction status' as 'authorizedPendingCapture'.


For these transaction, use 'Capture A previously Authorized Amount API' in order to capture the transactions. (


Hope this helps!!