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Capturing/Settling Automatically using Magento



This is my first post here.. as well as my first time using Authorize.Net's API. 


The issue:


After running Live transactions through our store the transactions are still in Authorizing/Pening status few days after the card was ran.. 




We are using Magento ver. I have attached images of the current settings we have in the store backend as well as what the transaction looks like in Authnet.. Is there another option/setting that needs to be enabled in Authorize Net's settings for the transactions to be Captured automatically? I spoke to a Authorize.Net rep this morning and he mentioned that whatever the store tells Authorize.Net that is what will happen.. Any suggestions would be greatley appriciated! 




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Re: Capturing/Settling Automatically using Magento

Sound like Magento is sending the transaction as auth_only. Since it is a problem with Magento, call them for support. If you have the source code maybe you can see what it is doing wrong.


You will need to capture the transaction or it will stay authorized/pending capture until it expired. Either capture with AIM or capture thru the merchant account.