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Card Present integration and response code.

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We are using classic ASP for our account software


I have 2 accounts with ANET, one Card Present and One Card Not Present.


We have a our accounting software written in classic asp and we are able to send invoices to customers for

payment (SIM - CNP) and all is working fine.


We use the same software in house to take credit card payments with a swipper (AIM - CP) all is good taking the payment,

The problem we have run into is taking the response and using it to update our database to show the transaction paid.


I can do this by capturing the result code and sending that to the server to be parsed and updated, I just have not figured

out how to make this happen.


Anyone have problems like this or suggestions that might work in this area. 


I have read the card present manual several times and cannot see the way to accomplish.


Thanks for your help





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Re: Card Present integration and response code.

It's not clear exactly what you are asking here. When working with the CP API, the transaction result is received immediately as you submit the transaction. If you are successfully processing Card Present transactions, then you must be receiving a response.