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Card expired

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If my card is expired for the particular month, for this month Silent Post  first given me successful recurring request and then after given me failed post with message "The card is expired".

I am really stuck here, can anybody help me out here.

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Re: Card expired

Ideally Webhooks should be used instead of the silent post method. However, when receiving a silent post you could check the responseCode and responseReasoneCode values to determine the status of the transaction.


$response_code = (int) $_POST['x_response_code'];
$reason_code = (int) $_POST['x_response_reason_code'];
 if ($response_code == 3 && $reason_code == 8)
        // An expired card
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Re: Card expired

Hello @4uE73QEHwd


Another option is to use Account Updater to automatically keep cards on file information accurate.