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Categorizing the Payments for different Products


I am using Server Integration method for payments in my website. I want to clarify something. Lets say , if a Merchant has two or more products and he want to recieve Merchant Reciept mails in different  mail ids for Purchases made. How can be that done ..?
And How to use different sender Email Id's for different Product Purchases ? Is there a way to differentiate the payments made for different products , any POST Fields i can make use of.

And For Automated Recurring billing, will there be a Hosted Payment Solution ? I would love to use ARB in if we have a Hosted Payments Solution.

Manikanda raj

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Re: Categorizing the Payments for different Products

You can  configure the header and footer on the email to be something other than the default (header_email_receipt, footer_email_receipt). However, the email sender will always be the email associated with the account, so if you want different senders or a more customized email format, you'll need to send your own emails from the relay response page.


As for hosted solutions - you might try looking into hosted CIM. Once people set up their profiles in hosted CIM, you can bill them with an automated process for any amount you want at any time, thus simulating the mechanics of ARB while providing you with more control over the billing process and keeping all the credit card handling on