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Chained payments for sales tax and VAT

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I realize that currently does not support chained payments the way PayPal does.


However, the new rules out of the UK as of January 1st and the EU as of July 1st require that vendors collect and remit VAT even if they are not in the UK or the EU for any invoices under 135 pounds or 150 Euros. 


Will be implementing this functionality? For each vendor to manage this on their own is cost prohibitive. As a developer I want to offer the ability to use a third party to manage the VAT remitance and quarterly tax returns (they made provisions for this in the rule) but the only way I will do so is if I get the VAT at time of sale as opposed to depending on the vendor paying us the amount at the end of the month. The new law clearly makes the marketplace responsible. (Their definition of MarketPlace is different than most)


We do our own direct sales but we allow vendors to use our software with their own PayPal and Merchant accounts. (We don't want to be in the business of collecting money and managing payments for others)  Getting a marketplace merchant account that allows an entity to collect on third party sales is a headache worthy of Dante's Inferno and I would rather set myself on fire than have to deal with that. ;-)