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Choosing the right API

Apologies for not being able to figure this out on my own, but each time I try and play with one for a couple hours I get caught on something else that just doesn't quite feel right.


I do not want to build a payment form on my site, and ideally I do not want to even collect and POST any payment related information, rather I'd like to send the member to a page on Authorize for all the actual financial parts of this transaction. I understand the impact that will have on my UI and that's acceptable.


I have three types of payments, and would like to implement them as similarly as possible under the hood (for all the good old DRY reasons, etc..) but whatever has to happen, has to happen.


1.) Member pays X dollars, one time.

2.) Member pays X dollars per (week/month) where X is some constant amount they choose.

3.) Member pays whatever they owe each week/month (calculated on my side).


I know CIM and ARB each provide different ways of solving the third problem and I've played with each, but in both cases (based on what I could get working) I need to build my own payment form, and that's something I'm desperately trying to avoid.


Your assistance very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Choosing the right API

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Hi chayglass,

We do not currently offer a hosted form interface for recurring billing. For one time payment and non recurring transactions you can use SIM or Server Integration Method for a secure hosted payment form.


You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.