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Cold Fusion SIM

I am trying to use the sample code for ColdFusion SIM. I really want it to be very simple. I have done this with php but I am not an expert by any means with Cold Fusion. Basically all I would like is the user to enter in their amount they wish to pay and their account number then submit to the's hosted form. I just can't seem to figure out how to let the user enter in the amount and account number. 


Any suggestions or help would be great - I am a beginner with ColdFusion so go easy on me :)

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Re: Cold Fusion SIM

Hi jorran,

For any SIM integration, the amount must be determined before the fingerprint is generated. Generally this would be done before the user comes to the final checkout page of your site. We do not have any specific sample code available to demonstrate this with Coldfusion. For the most part, this process would not be language specific.