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Converting from AIM to DPM -- errors codes 33 and 312

We’d like to share just a couple of minor items beyond the code when converting from AIM to DPM that caught us by surprise.


With AIM all the payment form settings in the AN admin are ignored as best we know. But in DPM, although the form is never used as it is in SIM (you design your own as in AIM), it can effect the acceptance, or not, of transactions. Here are two things we have found so far:


  • In the AN admin Payment Form under the Transaction Submission Settings form fields screen, make sure the Require the Security Code feature on the Payment Form is unchecked. Otherwise you will get this error “The specified security code was invalid. #312”.
  • Any required fields that are set in the AN admin Payment Form must be sent to AN in your DPM form, otherwise you will get error #33 like this one we got for not having the state defined: “Bill To State/Province is required. #33”. (Not having the state can be an issue with transactions originating in Europe and that’s how we found it.)


I guess the reason for this is that DPM was probably generated from the SIM code by AN (same relay response etc), and they did not disable those form requirements when you use your own form as you do in DPM.


Hope this helps someone and gives AN a nudge to clean up the DPM method.


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Re: Converting from AIM to DPM -- errors codes 33 and 312

Hi StephenS,


Thanks, for posting this for others to see. I'll pass your feedback on to our teams, too. We appreciate you taking the time to point this stuff out.





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Re: Converting from AIM to DPM -- errors codes 33 and 312

Thank you so much for this post.  I was completely baffled by this error when moving from SIM to DPM!  Why they can't filter that response out when DPM posts are made is a mystery to me.  Seem like common sense.