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Create Accept Transaction: bad response

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Hello. I'm using Accept.js to feed PHP (using sdk-php) the data value, description, and payment amount. I am using Sandbox and everything goes fine until I try to handle the response. serialize($response) gives me O:55:"net\authorize\api\contract\v1\CreateTransactionResponse":5:{s:76:" which is not right. What is the issue? I cannot require the vendor autoload.php that I built with composer because the script fails to load it for some reason. I am using Windows 7 and hosting the HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3/PHP on IIS 7 https.  Here is my PHP script:

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Re: Create Accept Transaction: bad response

Hello @adunsmoor


Is it possible for you to log the raw response from the gateway using fiddler or a similar tool that can sniff the network traffic?