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Currency Conversion Issue (Credit Card in CAD)

Hi Everyone!

Please help with unclear situation with A.Net currency conversion.


Our account default currency is USD (integrated via AIM).

For some stuff we show prices in CAD, then convert money from CAD to USD (with using Yahoo rates) and send this USD amount to the A.Net.



Problem happens when user uses CAD credit card:

- product cost: $10 CAD (user sees this amount)

- our conversion conversion with yahoo rates (what send to the A.Net): $9.58 USD (user sees this amount)

- problem, that charded amount from user's CC in CAD will be more than $10 CAD


Question: why this happens, how A.Net perform this conversion, what currency rates does it use, any additional commision?

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Re: Currency Conversion Issue (Credit Card in CAD)

[ Edited ] don't perform conversion, they process in usd. Is the credit card bank.