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Custom Field Storage and Export


  1. Is there any integration method that allows you to store custom fields within
  2. Can you export customer address and custom fields in cvs?  I know you cannot export CC info.  
We are wanting to keep all personal info within instead of on our servers.  We would need the ability to export data for mailers and such, again not for payment info.  We need to capture the custom fields at checkout.
Any advice on which integration method would be best, if any would be appreciated. 


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Re: Custom Field Storage and Export

Hi Large_Farva,


1. No, there is not. It is not possible to store custom fields within Authorize.Net.

2. You can export the customer address but I'm not sure what you are referring to as custom fields. You can export any non-secure data held in the transaction details or a CIM customer and/or payment profile.


It sounds like the CIM (Customer Information Manager) API would be what you are looking for.



Thank you,