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Customer Email receipt is missing the footer

I'm using the AIM interface with VB .NET.  We have a header and footer defined in the merchant settings and email confirmation is enabled.  The email generated to the customer includes the header information but not the footer.  The footer is defined as a mailing address and phone number and includes carriage returns.  Why is the footer not included in the email receipt?


I'm passing these parameters


        post_values.Add("x_email", DonationsBillingEmail)

        post_values.Add("x_email_customer", "TRUE")


Thanks in advance.




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Re: Customer Email receipt is missing the footer

The only thing to check from a coding perspective is that you are not overriding your defined footer by including x_footer_email_receipt in your post. If you are not sending this field, I'd recommend contacting our support department to discuss what you are seeing. They will be able to actually review your account settings.