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Customizing error messages


I use Acccept hosted form Payment profile in our site and have integrated into our iframe. I use the communicator that send resize window response. We are using it to just get the Payment information and not doing any transaction. When ever there is a error message like "Page expired or duplicate payment exists" we need the communicator to respond so that we can customize the error message to more user understandable texts or to redirect to the page we needed it to go. Is there a way to get the rsponse using the communicator? We cannot use "transactresponse" as we are not using that profile. 





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Re: Customizing error messages

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Re: Customizing error messages

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Hello @schitti_123,


One way would be to parse the message code from the API response.

"messages": {
    "resultCode": "Ok",
    "message": [
        "code": "I00001",
        "text": "Successful."

Depending on the message code, you could display your own appropriate message or redirect to the appropriate page for correcting the error.

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