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DPM credit and refund

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My DPM is in place and working without errors. I’m using VB and Now I’m in the process to add ‘credit / refund’ for customers, but how in the world could I do it without the documentation in place. is the worse place for developers. Is like find it if you can, enter at your own risk. This is nonsense!

1) Where is the documentation for: ‘credit / refund to a customer’ when using DPM? The only thing that I found in the entire manual is a short paragraph at this following link, and if this is the only thing available it is more than incomplete to implement everything. Link:

There is another link at:
Even though there is more information at this one, this link is still incomplete to put all the coding together. Keep in mind that I do want to do everything from my website without logging to the virtual terminal

2) Do I have to do the same as when charging the credit card? I mean, sending a hash, fingerprint, etc.? And if so, what fields do I have to send and what fields I’m going to received?

3) To what address do I have to send the credit request, to the same one as when charging or to a different one? Instead of ‘x_type = auth_capture’ , maybe ‘x_type = credit’. See the problem? No documentation, everything is guessing! Once again, nonsense!

I do have many more questions, but is ok for now. This post wouldn’t be here if had the right documentation in place. I really don’t know how they are still making money and why I’m still here.

Anyway, I will appreciate your help on this matter.

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Re: DPM credit and refund

1)it not there because it not support on DPM/SIM, use AIM for credit and refund.


2)AIM don't use fingerprint


3)it in the AIM doc

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Re: DPM credit and refund

Hmm, so what that means? Does it means that after all my work of putting together the DPM, I can not do a refund now and I have to start all over and implement AIM? Or does it mean that I can leave my DPM in place to charge credit cards and implement AIM to refund? This is very confusing. May you please explain. Thanks  

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Re: DPM credit and refund

Hello @AuthComm25


A hosted payment form is used to lower your scope for PCI since the transaction contains sensitive card data.  For voids or refunds, there is no sensitive data sent so you can simply use a payment transaction (AIM) as a server to server call.