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DPM java test application gives Error

I have created a java web application by following DirectPost_guide.pdf. When I submit the credit card and other information, in response it shows:


Error! This transaction has been approved.

response code


response reason code



I also receive email that “This transaction has been approved.”


My question is if the transaction has been approved then why I m getting Error and response code 3 and response reason code 19? Is it because I m testing on sandbox account?

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Re: DPM java test application gives Error

The Java SDK is currently designed to return response reason code 19 if no response is received. This behavior will most likely be removed from future versions since it causes this type of confusion.  In this case, it most likely indicates that your relay response page is not receiving any response at all.  In order to troubleshoot this, I would recommend modifying your relay response page to dump the full response to the screen and look for anything unusual.