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DPM only working intermittently. Using Form post to return info to our site

We are developers and organizations use our application to process credit cards.


After years running well with AIM we have converted to DPM to facilitate PCI compliance (still use AIM for credits since it does not require any credit card info).


In our test account we did hundreds of tests before releasing the DPM version – other than our code development issues we saw no issues at AN.


However, we are now online and about 10% of our transactions are not being reported back to us (AN times out trying to make a response, and we get an email from AN -- "Your script timed out while we were trying to post transaction results to it."


Here is the problem:


  • There is no problem with us getting the transaction to AN – we always get the merchant receipt and payment is made
  • However, in those 10% AN is not posting back to our relay response URL so we cannot close the "deal" for the payer and update our database (we are using SSL)
  • We have checked our site logs and verify that in those 10% AN is not posting back to the relay response URL and nor are we seeing errors. It is a simple script as you will see below.

 We have checked everything we can (and again we cannot reproduce the issue in our developer/test account).


Here is the essence of the code (we have removed some minor coldfusion scripting components); you will see that we are using form post to get stuff back to our site since we have multiple merchant defined form fields. While we do not see the use of a form in the documentation, we don't see why this would be a problem.


Any help would be appreciates, as would some better documentation on the DPM method.


<!--Copyright &copy; 1999-2012. All rights reserved.-->
<title>Ready for Processing</title>

<form action ="https://full path back to our site/Silent_DPMRecv.cfm?red=53000&frName=win3" method = "post" name = "GoToProcess" target="_self">
    <INPUT type="hidden" value="value1" name="name1">
    <INPUT type="hidden" value="value2" name="name2">
    <INPUT type="hidden" value="value3" name="name3">
    <INPUT type="hidden" value="valueN" name="nameN">
<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function() {


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Re: DPM only working intermittently. Using Form post to return info to our site

We are having the same issue. It started a week ago when we replaced our Verisign/Symantect SSL certificate with an SSL certificate from Digicert. The failure rate is about 10%. Our Verisign cert is expired so we can't put that back in place.


I opened an E-Ticket with Authorize.Net on the situation and was pushed here after they said it was our code that was the problem. Our SSL certificate is completely valid and Digicert is a well known Certificate Authority so I don't see why that would create a problem.


I analyzed a packet trace of a failure and Authorize.Net is sending a FIN (request to terminate) packet after receiving the SSL certificate. A working case has Authorize.Net sending a POST after receiving the SSL certificate.